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Originally Posted by Darth Rotor View Post
Uppie, you used to be a skeptic. (I get that you are close to the Ferguson case). You only know what you read in the papers. For your own enlightenment, why don't you do a modest search on the number of officers who have in fact been charged in cases of not treating the public well? Some have even been convicted. Try to look at the whole pizza, not just one slice.
What? Did you not read my last few posts at all? That is precisely what I did.

First, you accused me of appeal to emotion and now, you're throwing ad homs, strawman, and moving goal posts? Get your own house in order.

Originally Posted by Darth Rotor View Post
And after due process didn't appease the emotions of (some people) what happened there? A riot.
Is that what you want?
Did I say I wanted that? No.

And riots are not the inevitable result of protests of the a corrupt justice system. That is both ridiculous and, I might point out, a slippery slope fallacy.

Originally Posted by Darth Rotor View Post
That's where your post was heading, but I doubt that's what your heart wants.
If the courts don't say what your emotions are telling you, then what?
I suggest that you take that attitude down to your local PD and let them know that you don't trust them. Then head over to the DA, and tell them. Then head over to the court house and tell the judges you don't trust them either.
That nice broad brush you are painting with is leaving streaks all over the wall.
Now, Uppie, if the Judges and Prosecutors are not to be the officers of the Court, who is? A Nice Local Lynch Mob? We had that kind of crap in Texas a century ago and I am glad we no longer do.
FFS, man, that's who we have: Judges and Prosecutors.
We pay their salaries with our taxes.
All of us. There isn't anyone else.
Talk about appeals to emotion. You doth protest too much, methinks.

Listen to what I'm actually saying rather than beating up strawman arguments and appealing to authority. The St. Louis justice system has a flaw that allows for corruption and works against self-correction. Namely, in cases of abuse by police, the local judicial system has an inherent conflict of interest when prosecuting and judging.

I can't prove the negative that St. Louis cops are never convicted, but I can and did search to disprove that claim. I couldn't. The case I did find was handled at the federal level, not the local level, and uncovered local prosecutors covering up the detective's abuse.
"There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact." -- Sherlock Holmes.
"Itís easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled." -- Mark Twain, maybe.
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