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Originally Posted by Rolfe View Post
The footage is from a hotel corridor. I understand the victim and his colleague were in town for a business conference. They were in the business of pest control. They took a couple of clients back to their hotel room for supper and had pizza and a drink. Maybe enough to be slightly tipsy, and why not, they weren't driving.

Part of their stock-in-trade was pellet guns, I imagine for shooting rodents. They had a couple with them and took them out to show them to the clients. Someone else saw this through the window and thought that guns were being brandished. They called the cops.

The victim was essentially being given a series of ever-more-impossible commands that amounted to a sadistic game of Twister. Cross your ankles behind you, raise your arms straight above your head, crawl towards me. Of course he lowered his arms because you can't crawl in that position - not even if you're sober and the victim probably wasn't. He was pleading, "Please don't shoot me." The cop shot him. As far as I can see the victim was white and respectable-looking, so it wasn't even racism.
You left out the part where he did reach toward his waistband.
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