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Originally Posted by Dave Rogers View Post
Actually, even that isn't true. The original proposal suggested false flag terrorist attacks on the property of expatriate Cubans in the US, possibly up to the level of physical injuries to some individuals. Nowhere in the document does it suggest a single actual death.

At the top of page 9 they suggest sinking (real or staged) a boat full of Cuban refugees:

Obviously the reason this one never left the launch pad was because of the risk. If someone dies in the process of your staged attack it is a capitol offense for everyone involved.

The rest of the memo details a fake Mig attack using a dressed up F-86, and shooting down a passenger plane that is a drone full of fake people who never board it (this is where the 9-11 Truth morons got this idea).

What cracks me up is that this came out of an NSC Spitball session as part of Operation Mongoose, which featured a lot of crazy ideas that where discussed, and a few even attempted.

It's dumb because if you look at history the more questionable events (Vietnam, the consolidation of power by Hitler after the Reichstag Fire, the 2003 invasion of Iraq, The Spanish American War, and a long list of others) were all cases where forces took advantage of an event, and spun it in their favor to justify whatever they did next.

Which brings me back to the OP.

Show me where the law has been passed that bans the AR-15. Show me that list of tougher gun laws at the federal level. Sandy Hook was six years ago, what changed? Alex Jones has every right to make money off of stupid people. CTists are too dumb to have money anyway, but there are lines he can't cross, just like the rest of us.

No America has the right to yell fire in a crowded theater. No American has the right to incite a riot. In the case of Sandy Hook Alex Jones did both. He can rot for it too.
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