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Originally Posted by Rolfe View Post
I need to check again, but Semenya's testosterone concentration is lower than average for a male and I thought that was general among 46XY PAIS patients.
I don't know what her testosterone levels are, for the same reason I don't know what Jennifer Lawrence looks like naked. But among people with PAIS, testosterone levels are similar or elevated compared to typical males. And even though I do regard the IAAF changes as a "No Caster Semenya" rule, it shouldn't be.

Actually, they are unjust in that they allow males who are 46XY with functioning SRY genes and bioavailable androgens to compete in women's events.
Can't comment on that without knowing how androgens are affecting her, which I don't.

It's all about coddling the feelings of a handful of people in an invidious position at the expense of fairness for >99% of the competitors.
I don't see that the 99% have a greater claim to fairness than the 1%. Semenya has worked in good faith under the rules as the IAAF wrote them--an immediate rule change which looks for all the world designed to exclude her and no one else currently competing is not something I would regard as coddling.
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