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Maybe this is my cynicism - and I'm hardly the first to make such a claim - but I feel like there's a brand of social justice types that will stick to whatever groups they can and demand it molds to their preferences. Atheism as a position is still marginalized in some sense in north america, and so atheist groups (in my experience at university, at least) tend to be "safe spaces" and use similar terminology. They also (from my experience) tend to host plenty of events completely unrelated to religion (for example sex ed). This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but since these groups tend to be small it feels like they are easy to "Take over" for lack of a better word. Not that the ACA is akin to a small university group.

I find it fascinating that Dillahunty is now being branded as a transphobe.

This whole debacle reminded me that TAE always had their youtube comment section disabled. I asked Dillahunty why this was years ago, lamenting that it prevents discussion (not all of which is "low quality" - even on youtube) and he said that I could always join the blogs and post there.

1) This is a lot of effort for commenting on something that may even be years old
2) The people I want to see the comment and consider/respond/challenge/correct will see it
3) FtB is the last place I want to try to have a discussion on probably any issue lol

edit: not that I bother listening to TAE anymore. Very little of it is new to me these days, so it's not for me. Dillahunty himself produces self-reflecting and well-reasoned video essays, at least.

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