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Originally Posted by dann View Post
Interesting, but also very irrelevant or at least confusing in the discussion about restrooms and showers unless female students in the USA are actually required to touch each other's genitalia in the restrooms, which I doubt.
I don't know whether you understood the reference, so I will apologize in advance if I'm describing something you already knew.

The reference was to a Canadian transwoman, fully male bodied, who has been presenting "herself" at female salons requesting Brazilian wax treatments, and suing the ladies who refuse. "She" has successfully managed to shut down a couple of businesses so far. The case was in court in British Columbia on Friday.

Now, you might say that this has nothing to do with female high school students in the USA, and once again, I wish you were correct. Sadly, though, it all stems from the same idea, and it's a simple, logical, extension of the exercise of anti-discrimination laws which are very similar in Canada and in some states in the USA. According to those laws, transwomen are women, and it is illegal to treat a transwoman differently than any other woman, so when a transwoman shows up at a waxing parlor and requests a Brazilian wax, the only way for the salon keeper to avoid the anti-discrimination penalties is to provide the services requested, which does indeed require touching the guy's balls. By exactly the same reasoning, refusing to take your clothes off in front of a biological male, when you would be willing to do so in front of a biological female, is discrimination.

A practical solution in this case would be to allow salon keepers to say that a Brazilian wax cannot be applied to someone with testicles, regardless of their gender, but so far that argument has failed in the legal system.

So far, the dude has been successful, but he is such an incredible creep and has raised such an extreme amount of negative publicity through his various antics that it's possible some judge might actually say that enough is enough and he, or she, or whatever, is not entitled to humiliate salon keepers for fun, but we'll have to wait and see what the court says.

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