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Originally Posted by Checkmite View Post
More specifically, the idea of using women as human breeding-cattle is a fairly established misogynist sexual fantasy. It usually lives in internet pornographic fiction by said misogynists, but occasionally it leaks out of that bubble;
Based on my experience i have no hesitance in pointing out that such sexual fantasies are not by any means exclusive to either "misogynists", or men for that matter. Sexual and erotic fiction based upon such "misogynist" premises are often produced by women, and much of it is consumed by women. Not unlike how women are often the ones aroused by sexual fantasies of rape, which are arguably just as "misogynist".

Unless you are going to suggest that these women are crypto-misogynists, who secretly want to be enslaved and robbed of their autonomy while otherwise publicly voicing support for women's rights, I'd suggest you rephrase yourself.

Of course it's obvious why such fantasies would appeal to sexually frustrated and socially retarded narcissists like Elliot Roger, but it's hardly the only kind of person who'd find it arousing. You'd find no shortage of men who'd find it appealing to have a harem of beautiful young women, and there are no shortage of historical examples of similar things actually being enacted.
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