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Originally Posted by angrysoba View Post
Tom Steyer is a billionaire, not a millionaire. And I am saying that that is to his advantage (in one sense - he has money to campaign), but also it doesn't make him attractive in the eyes of people who don't want to vote for super-rich establishment-types. The establishment bit is the bit that could count against him.
I'd like to see your evidence rather than your supposition that Democrats are OK with millionaires but not a Progressive philanthropist billionaire.

And the fact that you are rolling your eyes because I "didn't look very hard" is also a point against him.

You are contradicting yourself if you think I should look harder to find his name recognition. If I have to look hard, then he doesn't have it.

It's not as if I have to Google Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. They are known. They have name recognition, run for office and been successful. Steyer has never run for office, and is unknown outside of political junky circles.
I know a lot about him and so do a lot of people.

The Atlantic 2018: How Tom Steyer Built the Biggest Political Machine You’ve Never Heard Of
Having spent $120 million and signed up 6 million people, Tom Steyer has assembled, in a year, an organization with more reach than the NRA.
That new avatar is cuteness overload.
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