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Originally Posted by Distracted1 View Post
As this progresses, you may find yourself backtracking that opinion.

If it is demonstrated that "mistake of fact" can be exculpatory. And you start noticing that even the limited sample size this forum permits generates a number of people (as it already has) who find her mistake a reasonable one. You may notice that the discussion swings back to how Guyger decided to shoot (an action that may be entirely legal in Texas- without a duty to retreat)
When this occurs you might notice a number of posters asserting that Jean was "just sitting there eating cereal" or some such. At this point, Jeans' actions will all of a sudden become relavent again to some of the posters currently asserting that his actions have no relavence.

Like "whack a mole"
Exculpatory is a bold claim. Her incorrect perception of the situation may be a mitigating factor in her guilt, but I don't think it will be exculpatory. She may catch a lower level charge, something akin to manslaughter, rather than murder, but outright exoneration seems like long odds to me.

The only person in this scenario who had an unambiguous right to use force in self defense without a duty to retreat is the victim who was killed.
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