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Originally Posted by JoeMorgue View Post
I kind felt like the "gay is a choice or not" kind of feel out of the mainstream discourse of the topic a while back, basically after the sane among us realized that it really didn't matter.

Since homosexuality isn't harmful or anyone else's business I think the "is it a choice or not" is something of a red herring.
I agree. While causes of things are of academic interest they aren't that important outside of the context of problem-solving. So if you don't see homosexuality as a problem that needs solving what ultimately causes it isn't terribly interesting.

I like strawberries and dislike pears. I prefer hot weather to cold. I like less clutter in my house than most. I like other dudes sexually. All of these preferences are real, and I live my life accordingly so they are of varying degrees of importance to me but I don't need a backstory to explain them or science to justify them or other people's agreement and approval. Finding out there's a strawberry-preference gene won't make me eat more or fewer strawberries. So long as nobody tries to outlaw strawberries it doesn't matter.

A scientific proof of the cause of homosexuality is as functionally important as a religious revelation against it if you are committed to living in a free society.
You added nothing to that conversation, Barbara.
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