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Originally Posted by Belz... View Post
That they're wrong is irrelevant: their beliefs affects policy. Mocking the belief may be fun for us but it won't change their minds. We have to find something that breaks their beliefs that it's a sin. And that there's a VERY clear line in the bible that says homosexuals are an abomination in the eyes of god makes it that much harder.
It's been quite awhile since I've sat down and read the Bible, but I have read the whole thing in the past (and may I say, what a slog, overall). My question is - does the Bible actually comment on, or really even mention, lesbians? I know that a man who lieth with another man is an abomination, but did the goat herders have anything to say about lesbians? I don't recall a specification.

Perhaps they couldn't conceive of such a thing as sex without a dong present.
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