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Originally Posted by blutoski View Post
Just to clarify: the complaint to HR wasn't that he was referring to himself. That was just a joke he told after the fact to HR.

The original use of the nword that triggered the complaint was his telling of an anecdote where a white police officer had pulled over his car because he was a black man in a white neighbourhood. The officer used the nword, and Mosley quoted the officer's racist rant verbatim instead of editing for politeness.

The outcome was that one of the coworkers anonymously reported him to HR as making her 'uncomfortable'.

The policy in the workplace is very general, there's no list of offensive words, just that you can't offend coworkers, which is only discovered after the fact when they narc anonymously. As far as he knew at the time, everybody was fine with hearing an accurate accounting of the police incident.

Mosley found the outcome intolerable for various reasons that he outlines in the opinion piece.

ETA: just to elaborate on that last bit, what depressed him was that these are writers writers who theoretically value language, speaking profanely all day, and suddenly deciding that one guy has to watch what he says.

I found this interview on The Foundation for Individual Rights In Educations YouTube channel about the book 'The Coddling of the American Mind' and one of the things that comes up is that there is increasing anecdotal evidence (Such as the item that started this thread.) that the Millenials (& Post-millenials) are increasingly turning to using Human Resources to mediate interpersonal disputes as the first resort rather than as the last resort.
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