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Originally Posted by TheGoldcountry View Post
As far as I am concerned, there is no such thing as too much cynicism when it comes to this anti-vax nonsense.
I have to confess it's the one subject that makes my blood boil immediately. I will not sit and listen to anyone spouting anti-vax propaganda, and it's the only subject I'd be ready and willing to defend to death. You can bring all the bigfoot, 9/11 CT, perpetual motion, alien Moon Hoax nutters and I wouldn't bother blinking, but show me an anti-vaxer and I go into Neapolitan/Rottweiler cross mode.

Anti-vaxers are the sickest kind of human alive. They suffer from some weird form of Münchhausen by Proxy Syndrome where they get pleasure from causing the death of children.
The point of equilibrium has passed; satire and current events are now indistinguishable.
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