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Originally Posted by Planigale View Post
It is likely that there is more than one explanation for the symptoms. Many of the symptoms would fit with someone buying cheap (illegal) rum and having a party. Toxic alcohols e.g. methanol would cause many of the symptoms. An unknown toxin might even be involved as seen in the toxic oil outbreak in Spain.

An interesting question might be how many cubans have similar symptoms.
I can't imagine US diplomats having to resort to drinking cheap, illegal rum. Rum in Cuba is cheap and excellent - and in Havana usually Havana Club 3 Años (for mixing, for instance when making mojitos or Cuba libres (some Cuban waiters get offended if you call it rum & coke)) or 7 Años, but top diplomats might prefer Selección De Maestro.
I've never encountered cheap, illegal rum in Cuba, but legal rum may give you a headache if you drink enough of it. And, of course, it might be the reason why you forgot what hit you when you got that mild concussion.
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