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We really do not have enough information to know how this could play out between genders. We don't know how the first case was presented, how the suggestion of an'external' attack came about, how seriously staff perceived it was being handled by 'authorities', or how the information(rumor?) was spread between ranks and social circles.

Of the hundreds of people who work at the Embassy, there have been no personal interviews that might tell us how it played out at the 'watercooler' since late last year.
But we do know how it’s being handled now. The alleged ”attacks” are being treated as facts:
The United States is considering closing its embassy in Cuba for a strange and scary reason: the unexplained injuries that dozens of American diplomats suffered after potentially being hit by some sort of secret sonic weapon.
Tom Cotton (R-AR) and Marco Rubio (R-FL), wrote a letter to the secretary imploring him to expel Cuban diplomats from the US. If Cuba doesn’t figure out who or what was behind the attacks, the legislators said that America should close the Havana embassy.
… and as such already had diplomatic repercussions:
The US already expelled two Cuban diplomats in May because of the incidents.
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