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Originally Posted by smartcooky View Post
Some years ago I read about the East German "Stasi" using low frequency "infrasonic" sound waves to disturb foreign diplomats and people they suspected of being spies. (I don't have a reference, sorry)
Some of those stories are probably very alternative 'facts':
In the 1960s, the Soviet Union microwaved US diplomats in Moscow at low levels, triggering an episode of Cold War buffoonery in the form of a secret health study to see if “microwave mind control weapons” were at work on the unknowing US diplomats.

The study was headed by a scientist fired years later for “general dishonesty,” according to Weinberger’s book. And it was reliant on blood samples taken by a State Department doctor later convicted of impregnating dozens of his patients without their knowledge of him being their sperm donor at a Virginia fertility clinic.

The secrecy that accompanied the Moscow microwave investigation then mirrors the lack of information about the Cuban embassy outbreak now, she added, making the situation needlessly murky.

“It turns out the Russians were just using the microwaves to turn bugging devices on and off,” Weinberger said. The mysterious microwaves, finals records showed, were too low-intensity to hurt anyone.
By the way, the same article also considers that the explanation in the case of the US diplomats in Cuba may be mass hysteria or psychogenic illness:
“Until we know more, the possibility of mass hysteria is certainly in play,” New Zealand sociologist Robert Bartholomew, author of Outbreak! The Encyclopedia of Extraordinary Social Behavior, told BuzzFeed News. Many documented mass hysteria cases involve so-called sick buildings that turn out to be psychological outbreaks, he noted.
“Based on the scant information that has been disclosed, it is very possible that this cluster is psychogenic in nature, as most of the symptoms are headaches and dizziness, while the most serious case is described as ‘mild traumatic brain injury’, whatever the hell that means, and could be entirely unrelated.”
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