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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
My thoughts:

The US no doubt has intelligence experts who could investigate this.
They most certainly do, and they most certainly did!
Why wasn't it brought to their attention to investigate before going public and letting the perpetrators know that they were on to it?
I bet that it was and that they did, but apparently they found nothing at all.
If the method was unknown the investigation could have provided useful info to US intelligence.
Unless the Cubans, who are famous for their cutting edge inventions in the field of super sonic surveillance technology, have come up with something utterly untraceable, the super stealth listening concussioner of the new millennium, which I'm obviously kidding!
It was stated above that the problem was worse when people were in bed and eased when they got up. If it was that directional why didn't they just move their beds to a different part of the room.
They tried to do so, but couldn't get hold of a couple of super professional European dowsers specializing in detecting co-called Earth Rays, which are known to cause symptoms similar to the ones exhibited by the US diplomats.
Fascinating that the perpetrators seemed to know exactly where the beds were located.
No, not really. That would have been the easiest part of the whole clandestine operation.
I understood that the Cuban government welcomed the re-establishment of connections with the US. Why would they want to cause this disruption?
We commies are devious creatures! We work in mysterious ways!
[conspiracy theory] The US is doing this to their own embassy to give Trump a reason to close the embassy. He hates commies! [/conspiracy theory].
Don't all Americans hate commies?! But in this case: The conspiracy would require too many conspirators to work: all the people who had to come down with these weird afflictions! Also, if somebody had actually planned the whole thing, with a minimum of effort they would have been able to come up with much more consistent symptoms than the ones mentioned in this case, which are all over the place (=psychogenic).
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