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Originally Posted by Dr. Keith View Post
I had a weird thought about the Trump presidency last night.

In fiction there are generally two types of time travel stories: fragile timelines and robust timelines. In the fragile timeline stories, like Back to the Future, any little change can have massive impacts on the future. In robust timeline stories, like Travelers, even with concerted efforts to impact the future it is difficult to make substantial changes.

The further we go along in the Trump presidency the more I feel like someone is trying to stop a disaster by preventing the election of Trump, and then exposing every criminal aspect of the Trump presidency. But the timeline is just too robust. The pending disaster will happen, even if you expose things that would have tanked any other candidate or president, the momentum is just too great.

In Travelers there was a quote about time being like a river, and their changes being like stones thrown in the river. Sure the water has to go around them, but it still end up in about the same place.
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