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StopJVP - RSL in JVPLand - Miscellaneous

A couple of stories from my time there which I neglected to shoehorn into the "chapters":

Once, when I was inVan Praagh's chat room, he was there telling us all about a small dog he had just gotten. He talked of walking the dog, etcetera. I couldn't resist, and finally said "JVP, I have to ask: Do you use a Dog Whisperer?" After a pause, he said "Robert, I AM the Dog Whisperer! No, wait - I'm the Ghost Whisperer - I keep forgetting!"
Another time in the chat room, he was talking about what a rough day it had been, and said "I'm so tired I could just die!" Several people consoled him, then I said "But JVP, then who would you talk through - Sylvia?"
After a pause, he said "Robert, don't even go there!"
Who is "Kaz?" Read about her at

Curious about Sylvia Browne? Read about her at

Ever wonder "What's the Harm?" with psychics, alternative medicine, etc?
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