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Originally Posted by DOC View Post
A Jewish Psychoanalyst with over 20 years experience saying atheists should lie to their children about God is new.
Atheists just aren't as comfortable being liars as theists are.

And when people keep making wide sweeping generalizations such as all your past points have been soundly thrashed I might make it another 6 year absence.
All of your past points have been soundly thrashed.

Any transient on a library computer could make a similar statement without having read one word of my threads. People should let my past posts speak for themselves without continually offering no information empty opinions about them.
Then you should let your past posts and all of the refutations speak for themselves, DOC. Your no information empty opinion is simply you regurgitating all of your past refuted points.

So is it only the Abrahamic gods whose existence you think needs to be lied about?
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