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Originally Posted by I Am The Scum View Post
I'll spell out my point more clearly.

There are valid concerns with telling one's children that Santa is real: It's dishonest, unskeptical, and has the potential to harm trust. The alternative is posed as a kind of trade-off: Sure those things are bad, but Santa is fun, so the benefits outweigh the costs.
I'm on the edge of my seat to see that robust evidence that *checks notes* telling your kids about Santa has the potential to harm trust, et al. Groundbreaking research, I'm sure. Otherwise, that which is asserted with out evidence...

My point is that you can get the best of both worlds. Tell your kids that Santa is a type of "game" that people play around Christmas, kinda like a Halloween costume. Now, nobody is being misled, and it's still fun.

Hope that helps.
Yeah, got it the first time. Since the theme is what creates trust issues, to wit: I assert, with the same authority as you do, that taking Santa away from your kids has the potential to harm trust.
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