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Originally Posted by Juustin View Post
So that's the long and the short of it. If someone who's good with this stuff wants to give me a reader's digest version of how it's said to work and what's known about it, that'd be great. I suspected it sounded fishy, but without having any background I didn't have much to say.

It is the same old story for most of these “free energy” devices. The readers digest version is a misapplication of Zero-point energy or Vacuum energy, these charlatans explain the over unity (more energy out then in) they erroneously calculate as resulting from the tapping into this energy. But that application is in direct conflict with principle they are trying to invoke.

Because zero point energy is the lowest possible energy a system can have, this energy cannot be removed from the system. A related term is zero-point field, which is the lowest energy state of a field, i.e. its ground state, which is non-zero.[1]
Despite the definition, the concept of zero-point energy, and the hint of a possibility of extracting "free energy" from the vacuum, has attracted the attention of amateur inventors. Numerous so-called free energy devices, exploiting the idea, have been proposed.[citation needed] As a result of this activity, and its intriguing theoretical explanation, it has taken on a life of its own in popular culture, appearing in science fiction books, games, movies and TV series (such as Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis).[2][3]

So if one was to able to extract energy from a zero point field (lower the energy of that field below it’s lowest possible value) it would just force the field into a negative energy state and it would have to take the energy back. Due to the uncertainty principle a zero point field can fluctuate below its zero point value but only for a brief instant or by a small energy fluctuation.

The gist being that any energy that can be “barrowed” from a zero point field must be paid back. The more energy “barrowed” the quicker it must be paid back. So tremendous amounts of energy can be “barrowed” but just for an insignificant period of time and only insignificant amounts of energy can be “barrowed” for any significant period of time.

The apparatus detailed on the web page shows a simple battery-motor-flywheel-generator configuration. Just like the battery stores electrical energy the flywheel stores mechanical energy. A lot of energy is taken up spinning the flywheel up to speed some of which (but not all) can be recovered as the flywheel spins down. If the start up energy used to spin up the flywheel is not correctly accounted for it could seem like you are getting extra energy as the flywheel spins down.

Most of the over unity calculations of such devices are due to appallingly or intentionally bad math. Not accounting for all sources of energy input (spinning up the flywheel) or counting energy losses of the system (heat and back EMF) as additional intended energy outputs (negatives becoming positives)
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