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Originally Posted by Civet View Post
I'm in Los Angeles. We continue to not solve the massive problem of homelessness here. It's huge and incredibly visible. You literally cannot miss it in large parts of the city. Not just poor neighborhoods either. We talk about it alot though.
It was hearing about a homeless problem that made me want to make the thread. Our local public pool is apparently having difficulties with one homeless gentleman who saves up to buy a day pass, and comes in for a hot shower and a nap. No one would have a problem with that at all, except he also sneaks in a bottle of vodka, gets piss drunk, and passes out naked in the locker room. On the one hand everyone's sympathetic with him, on the other hand there's a naked drunk guy passed out on the locker room bench. No good solutions here either.

Originally Posted by Norman Alexander View Post
Sorry, but I don't equate "woo" with "liberal (in the US sense). They would seem to be very much at the opposite ends of a spectrum about operational reality. Woo's have a very weak grasp of it, while liberals worship it in the extreme.

Have I missed something?
The US political dichotomy isn't much of a spectrum anymore. Woos can be found at either end, and there's not a lot in between. "Liberal" has been stripped of its slightly-left-of-center-but-not-that-far-left-I-mean-let's-be-reasonable-here meaning and merged into every other left-leaning term, rubbing elbows with "communism" and "being a decent human being."

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