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Originally Posted by Beelzebuddy View Post
The US political dichotomy isn't much of a spectrum anymore. Woos can be found at either end, and there's not a lot in between. "Liberal" has been stripped of its slightly-left-of-center-but-not-that-far-left-I-mean-let's-be-reasonable-here meaning and merged into every other left-leaning term, rubbing elbows with "communism" and "being a decent human being."
Ah, I see.

1) Woo = nutcase of any flavour
2) Liberal = anything to the left of Genghis Khan.
...our governments are just trying to protect us from terror. In the same way that someone banging a hornetsí nest with a stick is trying to protect us from hornets. Frankie Boyle, Guardian, July 2015
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