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Originally Posted by Sol88 View Post
The demented Thunderbolts cult also has the dogma that asteroids originate from blasted off the surface of rocky planets. See this insane delusion from Wal Thornhill in one of the Thunderbolts lying and deluded video: "And those cosmic thunderbolts are the very thing that rips material from the surface of a planets or even a sub stellar body and hurls it into space to form debris of all sorts, ranging from dust through to meteoroids, comets and asteroids. And even, it could be said, new moons and planets."

The cited observation is consistent with the asteroid being formed in the early Solar System.
The scientists say they are likely seeing the asteroid's surface dust, turned red over millions of years of exposure to the sun, being ejected into space, revealing a fresh, less irradiated surface beneath, that appears blue at near-infrared wavelengths.
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