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Originally Posted by Bogative View Post
You must not be aware of the left-wing's new rules.

It matters not what Michael Bloomberg meant when he said what he said. All that matters is a historically oppressed minority perceived the words as racism, therefore they are racist.

Now, enough with your white supremacy apologetics and just admit that Michael Bloomberg is a racist.
After reading the above, luchog's post makes even more sense:

Originally Posted by luchog View Post
This is why I have so many of the conservatrolls and contrarians here on ignore; and why it annoys the crap out of me to see how many people continue to still engage with them, drowning so many potentially useful discussions in noise and making the overwhelming majority of this forum little more than a sounding board for reactionaries.

Unfortunately, too many people on the left are far too eager to let the right drive the conversation and set the tone. And public debate is inherently allowing them to drive the conversation and set the tone.
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