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Originally Posted by Silly Green Monkey View Post
This is confusing the binary of sex gametes (egg vs sperm) with the physiological expression of the underlying genetic makeup, and also combining it with the judgements humans as a society have made on how each sex looks and behaves---what makes a male a man or a female a woman.
Can you be more specific as to referent of the highlighted word?

Seems to me that the gamete binary accounts for > 99% of live births, that is, people who are born with oocytes or on a developmental pathway to produce sperm. The remaining fraction of a percent are the subject of this thread, and a fascinating subject in and of itself, quite apart from "judgements humans as a society have made on how each sex looks and behaves." I was surprised to learn (for example) that individuals with de la Chapelle syndromeWP may be fully masculinized due to the presence of an anomalous SRY gene, despite being genetically 46,XX.
Just reread theprestige's signature; still cannot recall anything about it.

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