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Originally Posted by Tippit View Post
No one is claiming it would be surprising. But we're not just talking about mere abuse, we're talking about ritual abuse, murder, and even cannibalism at the highest levels. Take the case of Emanuela Orlandi .
You keep doing this. "We're not just talking about mere abuse, we're talking about ritual killing and cannibalism! Supporting evidence: this case in which absolutely no allegations of ritual abuse or cannibalism were ever made!"

Originally Posted by Tippit View Post
Take the case of Emanuela Orlandi . Nothing to see here, just thousands of bones. I'm sure you will dismiss this as a run of the mill cemetery, with nothing recent, and of course no forensic investigation will be done to confirm, and there will be no follow-ups.
A forensic investigation WAS done on the bones.

Giovanni Arcudi, the forensic anthropologist who led the scientific investigation of the remains found at the Vatican's Teutonic Cemetery, "did not find any bone structure dating back to the period after the end of the 1800s," the Vatican said.

The forensic team concluded its study of the bones July 28.

However, an expert representing the Orlandi family requested about 70 bone remains be tested in a laboratory, despite objections by Arcudi and his team who believe the bones display signs of being "very old."
The forensic investigation concluded all of the bones were over 100 years old. And the request by the family representative to take some specific bones and have them re-analyzed by a private lab of the family's choosing, was granted.

Originally Posted by Tippit View Post
Then there were the claims of Gabriele Amorth:
Who - of course - never said anything about ritual killings or cannibalism. These cases and claims you keep linking are simply not backing you up, Tippit. You're taking completely mundane cases and theories of kidnappings or abuse and rewriting them to add a bunch of Halloween campfire-story horsecrap that they didn't start out with.
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