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Originally Posted by Roger Ramjets View Post
How so?
The internet has had an incredible effect in making information available, and for a while it was possible to say anything on the internet without fear of censorship.

It started with the usenet groups??? (something like that) as I recall. There were internet discussions groups on many topics that were totally unregulated. If you wanted to discuss a topic, like jazz for example, you went to the jazz usenet group. There were no restrictions.

I remember reading on a usenet group a post claiming that the stone plaque at Auschwitz stating that 4 million had been killed there was taken down in 1990 and replaced by one stating that 1.5 million had been killed there. Then there were a number of replies calling the original poster a Nazi or some such. I thought, that's something that can be checked. And, after a few hours (I don't really remember how long), and thanks to the internet, I was able to determine if the OP was true or false.

Then along came YouTube, and anyone could create a video on any topic whatever, and put it up on youtube where thousands could watch it. Anyone could create a website analyzed any subject whatever and google would find it. The way the algorithms worked, if your vid/website attracted viewers then it was promoted. All that is in the past. The ADL is now censoring YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, Google, reddit, and most of the discussion groups on the internet. What you can see on those platforms is controlled by the ADL. It's quite amazing really.

My video channel was deleted from youtube. My website delisted from google.

So, the internet was pretty much a free market for ideas for a while. Free speech existed and wasn't restricted to how loud you could shout. But no longer.
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