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Originally Posted by Saggy View Post
Just to see where the ADL wants to go with hate speech laws, check out Ireland's Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred Act of 1989, which contains the following language:

(1) It shall be an offence for a person—
( a ) to publish or distribute written material,
( b ) to use words, behave or display written material—
(i) in any place other than inside a private residence, or
(ii) inside a private residence so that the words, behaviour or material are heard or seen by persons outside the residence,
( c ) to distribute, show or play a recording of visual images or sounds, if the written material, words, behaviour, visual images or sounds, as the case may be, are threatening, abusive or insulting and are intended or, having regard to all the circumstances, are likely to stir up hatred.
Which part of this do you have a problem with?
Would you feel oppressed by not being able to threaten or abuse people in public? Do you consider it your right to publicly stir up hatred against people?
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