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Originally Posted by Ron Obvious View Post
You have. I'm on the side of free speech and open discussion and completely opposed to "hate speech" laws, especially because of the selective enforcement of those laws. I don't trust any government in history to determine what is truth and what is hatred.

I once heard a German politician say something along the lines of "Of course we have free speech in this country but that doesn't mean you have the right to hurt people's deeply-held religious feelings."

That sounds so reasonable to a lot of people today, especially Europeans, but it's clear to me that anybody who would say that or agree with it does not understand free speech.
Because the last time full free speech was allowed in Europe it led to some unpleasantness, so yes there are some limits on it now.
Criticizing Muslims is actually still allowed. Calling for all Muslims to be killed is not.

The interesting bit is that the OP's favorite person in the world was not exactly an advocate for free speech. In fact, the moment he got power he forbade free speech for everyone except those that agreed with him.
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