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Originally Posted by Pacal View Post
The argument that you used about arsenic is a very old one and one used by regimes like, Stalin's Russia and Maoist China. That bad ideas are like selling poison and the public should be protected from them.

I can list a whole series of ideas that many label has false. Should they be suppressed? Should Creationism be criminalized? It is after all easy to demonstrate that it is utterly false. Many people propagate ideas about history that are false, should that be criminalized?. Well is the government going to decide what is true? I can also give a long list of ideas that have led to people believing them to commit crimes. Again should such ideas be criminalized?

I have absolutely no faith in government criminalizing ideas, even stupid, evil ones. I see little in the history of the world that gives me any faith in it. It, when it is "effective", almost always goes into repression. It is interesting that countries that have have outlawed Holocaust denial have been extremely ineffective in enforcing it. The number of prosecutions remains small and prosecutors are generally fairly reluctant to go ahead.

All to the good in my opinion.

By the way people are free to say arsenic is harmless without fear of going to jail.
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