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Circular Logic

The link put forth by Henriboy is simply an excerpt taken from Fatal Justice where inmate is venting to the authors about how he was railroaded by the CID. Inmate's mixing and matching investigative timelines is a form of circular logic that has been adopted by most, if not all, of his advocates.

In regards to Paul Stombaugh's 1974 analysis of the saran fibers, Henriboy again plays dumb by intimating that Stombaugh never examined the fibers in question. All one has to do is read Stombaugh's handwritten lab notes to verify what Henriboy already knows.

FBI Exhibits Q46 and Q49. Stombaugh listed the fibers as "synthetic filament yellow, type used on dolls, Halloween costumes, etc."

For those interested in an accurate timeline...

1970 Janice Glisson was a CID chemist at Fort Gordon. Glisson performed a majority of the serological tests in this case and at the time of the murders, she was in training in regards to hair and fiber analysis. Dillard Browning asked her to assist him with specific hair and fiber comparisons. One of Glisson's responsibilities was to analyze the saran fibers and she concluded that the fibers were of different lengths, blonde in color, and synthetic. Due to his heavy workload, Browning was unable to analyze the saran fibers.

1974 Paul Stombaugh analyzed the saran fibers and determined that they were the type of filament "used on dolls, Halloween costumes, etc."

1990 Robert Webb's chemical composition analysis determined that the 22 inch saran fiber differed in chemical composition to the 24 and 9 inch saran fibers. This indicated that the 3 fibers came from 2 separate source materials.

1990 Michael Malone's fiber comparisons led to a match between the 24 inch saran fiber and doll hair in the FBI's massive exemplar collection.

Despite the conclusions leveled by Stombaugh/Webb/Malone, inmate and his advocates continued to argue that Stoeckley, and Stoeckley alone, wore a wig on 2/17/70 and was present at 544 Castle Drive during the commission of a triple homicide. Due to Stoeckley's testimony at trial that she wasn't wearing a wig on 2/17/70, and the defense being unable to produce a wig exemplar from Stoeckley and/or a cosmetic saran wig used for human wear, this argument fell flat before Judge Dupree, Judge Fox, and the 4th Circuit Court.
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