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Originally Posted by Eddie Dane View Post
This was very much my opinion until recently.

But a lie can spread far and wide and be impossible to counter for honest debaters.

Please consider that most people still remember Marie Antoinette for 'Let them eat cake'. A made-up quote spread through politically extremist pamphlets. Fake news to drum up hatred and facilitate the extermination of a social class.

Now, it would bother me if certain topics were completely purged. Mass-immigration, for instance, is an issue that cannot be buried and public discussion must be made possible.

I've noticed that any complicated topic has a sensationalist 'the experts are wrong' ******* insane Alex Jones take. And that sensationalist take will get more eyeballs than the boring academic version.

If you search for painless suicide methods on Google, the first page is filled with suicide help-lines, websites that urge you to get help etc.

I think similar things happen when you search for Isis propaganda. providing information that helps with deradicalisation.

Lots of people are stuck in an information tunnel, going deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. I was once a borderline truther, I've had a taste of what that's like.

Lets be fair here, how many slick, short explainer videos are there of how the banking industry worked before the Fed? Do people know about banks going bankrupt all the time? The bank-runs? The complete loss of savings when that happened? Any primer on how the money distribution system is supposed to guard against hyperinflation? Instead, you get stories about how the Federal Reserve isn't federal, isn't a reserve and is secretly owned by the Jews. Did I say Jews? Sorry, I meant the Rothschilds.

Any good punchy explainer videos about what life was like before vaccines?

Any convincing footage of the earth not being flat? OK, there's no saving those people.

Sixty-one per cent of Americans believes in some kind of JFK conspiracy.

Left unchecked, anti-Vax, Holocaust denial, Pizza-gate, creationism etc have a huge potential to convince a significant percentage of the population and that will have real-world effects.

At the very least platforms have to change the show-what-gets-the most-eyeballs algorithm. BS should be muted instead of promoted.

If not, the future is Donald Trump, Brexit and measles.
I read somewhere that when a search was made for "white supremacy" or somesuch on Facebook, they directed the user to Life After Hate's Facebook page.

That's neat.
Before you say something stupid about climate change, check this list.

"If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them. " Karl Popper, The Open Society and Its Enemies Vol. 1
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