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Originally Posted by aerosolben View Post
No. For a few reasons:
  • People cease using marijuana as they get older - they don't stop being gay. Age itself (not just generational differences) is more of a factor.
  • The Federal government is much more heavily involved in drug laws than marriage laws
  • Racism is really the most apt analogy, and we have solid evidence of changing values over time there.

I expect to see legal gay marriage come about throughout most of the US in the next decade.

Ok well that was heartening. Thank you for alleviating my afternoon pessimism.

(and here's hoping the roomie was successful in his bid to refresh our herb supplies when I get home)
“ it has become my conviction that things mean pretty much what we want them to mean. We’ll pluck significance from the least consequential happenstance if it suits us and happily ignore the most flagrantly obvious symmetry between separate aspects of our lives if it threatens some cherished prejudice or cosily comforting belief"
-Iain Banks
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