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Originally Posted by DOC View Post
I would have to disagree, there might not be proof for a lot of people, but there is evidence for the Christian God. Evidence and proof are not the same thing. As stated before, there is enough evidence out there for skeptic Bart Ehrman to say "Jesus certainly existed".
So we're talking about a mortal, non-divine Jesus then?

And Christians believe Jesus is part of the Godhead (or Trinity) so a Christian can say I have historical evidence for my concept of God.
Stay on topic, DOC. This isn't about which gods Christians invent.

Also, in my lifetime I have seen countless people on TV (the latest being Kanye West) who have said Christianity has completely changed their lives. So we have some evidence for the power of Christianity. That power supports the existence of the being behind that power.
No, it doesn't at all. You'd have to speak to a billion Chinese to figure out why. Again, stay on topic.

Also there is the evidence that it doesn't even make sense for Christianity to be in existence without a resurrection since the resurrection is the central focal point of the religion. How could a small group of scared followers on the outskirts of the Roman empire (whose leader was brutally executed) end up being the official religion of the mighty Roman Empire. It doesn't make sense without a resurrection added into the equation.
Well, if you consider that the entire resurrection was invented, it makes sense that Christianity was founded on invented stories and plagiarized fables. Certainly not the kind of gods I'd want to lie about the existence of. I don't see how Christians can stomach lying about them.
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