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Originally Posted by Essexman View Post
" None were consistent with Teresa Halbach?"

That's testimony from Ms. Culhane, evidently Teresa was never in the bedroom where alleged rapes took place.

So she wasn't raped where Brendan says she was raped.

Originally Posted by Essexman View Post
The police never told Brendan she was raped.

The police never told Brendan she was shot with Avery's 22.

The police never told Brendan that Avery asked him if he "wanted some pussy" "that's how you do it" "did it feel good" and that he was proud of him for raping her.

The police definitely told Brendan that she was shot, before he was asked who shot her, he was saying she was only stabbed, after that he embellished the story quite a bit.

The thing is, if Brendan says they used one of two black jack creepers to move the body, which has been stabbed, the throat cut, shot anywhere from 2 to 10 times, to the fire pit, and there are stains on both creepers indicating that they had not been cleaned, but there was no blood on either creeper.

Kind of puts a hole in the theory that they cleaned up the crime scene.
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