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Originally Posted by Essexman View Post
What Kayla said Brendan said. Is the exact same thing Brendan admitted to the police. Itís not plausible that they would both make up the same story independently.
They were family, and both shared an uncle in Steven Avery. I think that it's quite possible they talked a lot while all this was going on. You're also leaving a lot out...if you read Kayla's statement two things are clear:

1. It's not an elaborate story at all. Brendan is the one who told a story in his confession. She could have easily picked up what she said from the media or from other members of her family, all of whom made it clear that they did not like Steven Avery.
2. She hates her uncle. She says exactly that, one does not need to infer anything. You also brought up the allegations Kayla had against her Uncle, so you can't deny she had a reason to make things up to bury her Uncle.

It is entirely possible she thought she was doing the right thing and wanted only to see her Uncle pay for what he did, both to Teresa and to herself. She quite clearly realized though that she had also helped seal Brendan's fate, which is why she is so upset at trial. I don't think that these are crocodile tears as some have said. Like I said, as a parent I have a lot of empathy for these kids being pulled into the madness of their Uncle, and I'm not going to discard that family dynamic.

Originally Posted by Essexman View Post
Brendan and Steven both admit they were together that night. Both in the garage and at the bonfire. One cannot be innocent while the other is guilty.
The law doesn't work this way however, and they were tried and convicted separately. Of course, if Brendan was there that night then he is guilty of a crime, but the evidence does not show he is guilty of the same crimes as Avery.

Originally Posted by Essexman View Post
Unsurprisingly the innocent explanations from Brendan contradicts Stevens. For example Steven said Brendan was helping him clean up rain deer blood in the Garage while Brendan claims he was helping Steven clean up car oil in the garage.
Okay, but not much to do with Kayla and why she would have made an initial statement to the police and then say she lied at the trial.
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