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Originally Posted by shuttlt View Post
We don't know he wasn't allowed to carry it as a minor.
We do know. Wisconsin law, posted earlier, prohibits carrying of guns by those under 18. There is a hunting exception. Unless you are calling what he did hunting?

I'm not sure the "good guy" and "bad guy" thing matters too much. If he had reasonable rear for his life, then self defence is on the cards. If Rosenbaum had been running at me, attempting to grab the gun and all the rest... under those circumstances, I would have been in fear for my life.
Then I believe in most states you would be found to be unreasonably afraid, and not privileged to claim self defense.

Seriously, how do you guys make it in a bar on a Saturday night or even a raucous office party without killing people? Dick-swinging is not imminent death.
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