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Originally Posted by eerok View Post
I'm wondering if the additional arms and materiel that should flow from the US following their lend-lease act could make the difference in pushing back the Russians, or are there other factors apart from supply?

For example, Ukraine is reportedly losing fewer troops, and their morale and motivation are definitely higher than the Russians, but is it even remotely plausible for the Russians to persist until the Ukrainian forces are exhausted? They can throw a lot of fodder into this war, whereas Ukraine's population is a limited resource.
I think ultimately the answer to this question is "accurate long-range artillery informed by high-quality reconnaissance."

The more Russian formations Ukraine can destroy without putting more troops in harm's way, the better it is for them. NATO* can certainly supply world-class recon, on top of whatever else the Ukrainians have going on in that area. The west is also supplying more artillery pieces and ammo. Perhaps also aircraft. Airstrikes also being a kind of artillery, the next level would be for NATO* to start conducting airstrikes of its own.
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