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Originally Posted by Bikewer View Post
It was interesting, since mostly the “psychics” were given scripts to read... But also sad, since many of the folks calling in had terrible personal programs and were just looking for a willing ear... And they were willing to pay for same.

You know, I read an article where they compared blinded patient satisfaction talking to a licensed therapist with that of patients talking to completely untrained college students (believing they were therapists). Satisfaction was the same. Then they had patients speak to a therapist over a speakerphone. Then they had patients speak to a speakerphone that had nobody on the other end. Satisfaction was the same.

So maybe, in a very small way, phone psychics are providing a benefit. I mean, we know that people who believe feel better after consulting a psychic. So long as they're not charging more than therapy and they're not charging for hexes or magic spells, maybe they're not doing a disservice?

You know what: as I wrote that, I realized how wrong I was. Licensed therapists can spot issues that need actual medical intervention - from medication for mood support, to serious intervention for neurological disorders. Also, insurance generally pays for some part of it.

Whatever good a generally upbeat and sympathetic psychic might do is outweighed mightily by the financial, medical and psychological harm their lack of training will cause.
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