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Originally Posted by HansMustermann View Post
Conversely: dear admins: there's a fine line between "security" and "dumb covering your ass at the user's expense." Asking that I must have a 20 character password*, including two large prime numbers, characters from old elvish script or demonic runes, and the entrails of a sacrificial goat, has nothing to do with security. In fact, it's the polar opposite of security. About 99% of humans, when asked to remember something like that, will do one or more of the following:
- reuse the hell out of it, because <bleep> remembering three dozen of THOSE abominations
- make it something trivial like their name and birthday
- tape it onto the monitor

That's not enforcing security. It's just so some dumbass in the IT department can say "not my fault" when (not if) something happens.

* Not even hyperbole. I literally just got complained at by a machine because my password wasn't 20 characters long. Literally.
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