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Originally Posted by Squeegee Beckenheim View Post
I'll try to find some text sources of these tomorrow when I've got a little more time (and therefore take them with a large pinch of salt until I can find corroboration of some kind), but I heard three pieces of information about the email and the laptop today.

The first has already been discussed in the thread (and apologies if the other two have and I missed them), namely that the metadata of the "smocking gun" email dates it to October 2019, while the laptop itself was allegedly dropped off in April 2019.
The metadata I heard about was regarding the PDF representing the email, which would of course be irrelevant. But I heard that in passing and won't swear it's correct.

The second is that there is allegedly a time-stamp on the email which is from a central European timezone, rather than an American one.

And the third is that the serial number of the harddrive has been traced and reveals that it remains in warranty until April 18th 2022. Since that model has a 3 year warranty, that means that it was purchased on April 18th 2019. The laptop was allegedly dropped off on April 12th 2019.
How does someone have the serial number of the harddrive? I thought that the only things made public were a number of emails (at least one of which was represented by a screenshot).

Answered in the later posted Twitter link. The serial number for the hard drive (an external HD) is from a repair document.

The external HD was used to try to recover data, if I understand correctly. A difference in terms of less than a month for the warranty seems not that troubling, but I don't know how these things work.

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