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Originally Posted by Olmstead View Post
UBI might increase productivity. Lift a large percentage of people up from the brink of poverty where all they can do is think about where their next meal is going to come from, and some of them might actually decide to do something more worthwhile with their lives. There's your metric.

Why is the expectation that people who don't have to work to meet their basic needs, won't work? Why can't the expectation be that people who aren't forced to do a job that society considers worthless (based on the meagre salary) will go and do something that has more value?
Yes, we discussed rats in a rat park a few days ago, and it wasn't debunked. Cheers for mentioning it.

Originally Posted by arthwollipot View Post
The beauty of UBI is that if your passion is in something that is difficult to monetise, you don't have to do something you hate in order to survive. The stereotype of the "starving artist" is destroyed.

Originally Posted by Rolfe View Post
That is an extremely good point which I hadn't specifically considered. If existing on the bare UBI is preferable to making a pittance more by cleaning toilets or something, then the people who want someone to clean the toilets will have to put the wages up until the job becomes attractive.

I'm not sure how the possibility of bringing in migrant workers who aren't getting the UBI interacts with this. Maybe it's something that needs thought.

Nobody wants to pay the supermarket "Checkout Chicks" more, despite them being Conflict Incident Managers, and Public Relations Specialists.

Nobody wants to pay the Administration Assistants higher wages, despite the CEO not even being able to print documents double-sided or even read documents on a screen. "Administration Assistants" is a name that diminishes all the jobs they really do. IT, Social Media Managers, Customer IT Help Desk, Office Managers, Business Analysts, Data Management, Training Manager, Compliance Officer, and I could go on a big rant here...

Huge companies are now fighting to promote their efforts in ethical working conditions.

China no longer is the cowboy capitalists' country of choice for fast, disposable fashion.

Sadly, though, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Brazil's old growth and remote areas are being polluted and locals exploited.

"Development" and "exploitation" are weirdly intertwined with the colonialist ideals of "civilising the savages", introducing medicine and technology to Level 4 countries/regions (low income, formerly known as "third world" places).

Eliminating Inequality is one of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

SDG's 1, 8, and 10, but they are all interrelated.

"We stigmatize and send to the margins
people who trigger in us the feelings we want to avoid"
- Melinda Gates, "The Moment of Lift".

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