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Originally Posted by ArchSas View Post
For me, the weirdest thing about this debate is that it seems like (for the most part) people have known about this for decades. I've seen things going back to the 1920s (at least) talking about how the workforce was so efficient, and thanks to the miracles of automation, people are going to working barely any actual hours in the future. Well... at some point that's actually going to have to happen, and we seem to have forgotten about that, and now were all at a weird juncture where it's not necessary for most jobs, but we're all still working 40 hours a week because it's expected (for more on this see the "B.S jobs" concept that sociologists have been writing about for a few years).

On some level, this is the thing people have been talking about and hoping for for as long as any of us have been alive. And from the way the economy is going, it seem inevitable anyway. So it's at least a worthwhile effort to talk about how we want this impressive future where everyone only has to work part-time to go, functionally. I'm not sure if anyone has figured out the best system, but damn, shouldn't we all be thinking about embracing the future we were all promised by the sci-fi writers now that it can be a reality? Everyone was looking forward to it when this stuff was being predicted, it's worth thinking about.
We have been doing this for a century.
Child labor laws reduced the workforce.
Social Security reduced the workforce.
Disability insurance reduced the workforce.
Expansion of post secondary education reduced the workforce.
Welfare reduced the workforce.
Huge incarceration rates reduced the workforce.

We have been taking people out of the workforce, and paying to do so, as long as "progress"
has been happening. While simultaneously reducing the required amount of unpaid "labor" required to live a sanitary, healthy and comfortable life.

UBI seems like a logical progression of this trend.
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