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Originally Posted by wasapi View Post
It has been discussed, seeing things that aren't there, paradelia, things that in the end, could be explained. But who has had experienced something still unsolved or without rational explanation at hand?

Several months after my partners suicide, I noticed a red message light on my phones answering machine. It was odd, because I had been sitting next to it since awakening and it had not rung. I hit 'play'. It was a message from John, my partner, that I had never heard before. It was sweet and brief, telling me about how he loved seeing me, how he needed seeing me

Yes, I was shaken. I hit 'replay', but it had vanished. I went back over every message still on the machine as far back as I could. I never heard it, or could ever find it again.

Anyone else have a 'yet to be explained' experience?

And I am open to suggestions about my phone message. Thanks.
That's very similar to an experience my mom had about a week after my dad died, which I think I've shared here. Basically, she was laying down and she felt my dad sit on the bed and tell her not to worry, he was sending her some money to help (she was worried about surviving without him as she didn't work during most of their marriage). He put her hands on her shoulder and she turned but he wasn't there. Then that day or maybe the next, there were unexpected checks in the mail: his last work paycheck and a life insurance policy from work that she didn't know he had. Turns out his boss took care of the insurance thing somehow.

I mean obviously a dream-related thing but it was weird about the money coming in shortly thereafter.

Also a few days after my dad died, my 4 or 5 year old daughter said that Grandpa's head appeared on her toybox (which he built). He told her something like, "Don't worry my angel, I love you," smiled and disappeared. We hadn't told my daughter yet but kids aren't stupid, I'm sure she figured something out and had a dream-related thing. My daughter was pretty smart and creative for her age (still is! and her daughter is almost a mirror image of her).

Greiving is a very stressful time and I think our brains kind of go a little weird.
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