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Originally Posted by SpitfireIX View Post
I don't think this would be a productive discussion, because your question implies that you believe that most or all primary elections demonstrate the opposite.
Even if your assesment were true, you seem to disagree with basically every other poster in the thread. Why do you think you can have a productive discussion with them by the same standards?

Originally Posted by SpitfireIX View Post
I will say that I reject the reasoning that goes along the lines of "I believe passionately in X. Anyone who is opposed to X is either stupid or evil. Most Republicans are are opposed to X. Therefore most Republicans are stupid or evil." I also reject that reasoning with respect to the Democrats.
Ok, that's nice. You do know that the stupid or evil line is what you brought into this thread, right?

Originally Posted by SpitfireIX View Post
Additionally, I will refer you to the numerous Republican state officials and state legislators who refused to go along with Trump's plan to overturn the election by invalidating their states' election results. Much is made of the number of Republicans in Congress who voted to object to the electoral results. However, as I've mentioned, this was essentially a meaningless vote that some saw as a handy way to curry favor with Trump and pander to his supporters. Yet practically no Republican officeholders who could have taken any meaningful action, from Mike Pence on down, went along.
While there were some Republicans who actually followed the rule of law, I'm not sure that doing so makes them heroes. But because you brought up the upcoming election, I'm curious about the candidates who will be in the upcoming election who demonstrated virtually unanimous support for invalidating those results. At almost all levels, from the voters up to the local, state, and federal level candidate. So...that's why I asked you how the Republican primaries support your apparent claim that the elections those candidates will be in will show that Republicans are not evil, stupid, and/or cowardly?
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