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Originally Posted by SpitfireIX View Post
Why do you keep making this specious claim? If Republicans want to stop assistance to Ukraine, why didn't they just filibuster the last aid bill? And why did so many Republicans in the House vote in favor of it?
Perhaps because the topic of the thread isn't "Are the Republicans turning their back on Ukraine NOW", but a more speculative "WOULD they turn their back on them in the future".

Republican opinion can shift quite rapidly. Look at how they went from free trade to trade wars once they were told to.
They did no such thing. From Politico:
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and many of his members reason that more can be gained in private communications with the president than in outright legislative warfare with him. They believe that their work to stop the president from imposing broad tariffs on Mexico earlier this year or imposing tariffs on foreign autos did far more good than confrontation with the president.
Republican politicians can CLAIM anything they want. The question is whether we should believe them.

Despite all their claims of "we love trade", despite their claims of disagreement with Trump over trade policy, the fact is, they still stood by as Trump ran around slapping tariffs on pretty much everyone.

As for their supposed "behind the scenes" work to change trade policy with Mexico... Trump still slapped tariffs on steel and aluminium.
Additionally, I will refer you to the numerous Republican state officials and state legislators who refused to go along with Trump's plan to overturn the election by invalidating their states' election results. Much is made of the number of Republicans in Congress who voted to object to the electoral results. However, as I've mentioned, this was essentially a meaningless vote that some saw as a handy way to curry favor with Trump and pander to his supporters. Yet practically no Republican officeholders who could have taken any meaningful action, from Mike Pence on down, went along.
Color me less than impressed.

Yes, plenty of republicans rejected Trump's coup attempt. But, what did they do in the aftermath? Did they do anything to hold Trump accountable? Did they take any effort to limit the damage he could do?

Nope. No attempt to invoke the 25th amendment. Virtually all Republican congress-critters rejected an attempt to impeach Trump for his role in the riots. And they seem to be doing everything they can to sabotage attempts to investigate the terrorist activity on Jan6.
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