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Originally Posted by Gamolon View Post
You have already justified these horrible things. You've said the horrible sufferings are for the evil spirits who have done horrible things in past lives. These evil spirits need to suffer in order to atone for their previous evil deeds and move the karmic balance back into the positive so they can evolve.
This hits the nail more squarely on the head than I did. In response to Scorpion's pleas that we only talk about the nice parts of his religion, I responded that a religion that doesn't own up to the existence of evil and have a plan for it isn't a religion worth paying attention to. If lofty-sounding pretenses of empty profundity are all your religion can muster, then it fails to answer the big questions -- the ones we most want answers to. Now I said that he had to have a plan to alleviate evil, which is what most religions want to do. Instead, Scorpion's religion embraces evil, war, and depravity as necessary components of its redemption model. At least other religions were smart enough to conjure up a devil upon whom to blame all that, a being whose outcome we have no investment in. It may be a cartoon villain, but at least it's a proper villain. The story is coherent, if a bit simplistic. Scorpion's version can't decide whether the roles we act out under the imposition of angels incurs any responsibility. Good justice says we should answer for the consequences of our free-will decision, but not the consequences of others compelling us to act.
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