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Originally Posted by Reality Check View Post
Missed the deadline for editing a post and this needs to be a separate post to show what insanity Sol88 is capable of.
Sol88 confirms his insanity that A'Hearn stated that comets are actual rocks by quoting A'Hearn stating that Tempel 1 had "snowbank" outer layers. Note that Sol88's deranged dogma is that even the surface of comets is rock.
Composition of a Comet Poses a Puzzle for Scientists Sept. 7, 2005 (2 months after Deep Impact)

Michael A'Hearn states that outer layers of comet Tempel 1 are "a snow bank", not rock !
We already knew that Sol88 was spewing out insane insults of the deceased Michael Francis A'Hearn and all astronomers by Sol88 linking them with Sol88's demented dogma, etc. and now Sol88 confirms his insanity !
Sol88 is too cowardly to link to the paper and expose his delusions and insults:
Comets: looking ahead

It takes 1 brain cell to understand that "comets" is more than 1 comet! In astronomy "refractory" means non-volatile as opposed to volatile (not Sol88's insanity of actual rock).
Jebus, you are all on a roll!

Absolutely perfect post by reality check!

You are, again correct refractories are indeed NON VOLATILE.

As A'Hearn did indeed say
At the simplest level, a very basic question is whether comets are mostly ice or mostly rock/dirt/refractory material
Though OUR understanding, not jonesy and his cronies, understanding has been evolving more toward mostly rock. This ROCK is also, like RC refractory NON VOLATILE material is also NON volatile, same as A'Hearn's!

“No rock. Any charge separation is limited. The electric field is pointing in the wrong direction. Currents are doing nothing.” Jonesdave116.

“The 'electric comet' is physically IMPOSSIBLE to model using mainstream science! PERIOD! True story! End of story!” Indagator
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